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  • autonomy of migration

    The list owner hasn't provided any description of this list yet.

    List curated by jgmaggs. Created on 09 11 18 Contains 2 texts

  • Technopolitics

    What are the technopolitical concepts that could support a counter-hegemonic leftist project?

    List curated by rita. Created on 13 10 18 Contains 11 texts

  • Questioning 'community' in the context of digital networks

    Research about commercial social network plattforms and their alternatives, which was conducted as part of the "Midstream" project (, suggest to take a closer look at the widely-used and ambivalent term of 'community' in the context of digital networks. While this topic has not been widely discussed on, there are several texts critically discussing the general term 'community', which might form a basis of a critique of  'community' in the context of digital networks.

    List curated by raimund. Created on 10 08 18 Contains 7 texts