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10 2022

Letter from Students in Iran


Dear students, lecturers and professors, help us!

We are students from Iran and we are addressing you with this letter because we need your help and don't know what to do anymore. You study, lecture and research at universities without being oppressed by the violence of a state. We, too, dream of one day being able to study and work in a free, democratic country - a country that is no longer an Islamic republic, that no longer suffers from the mullahs' reign of terror, where we, as women can wear to a lecture whatever we want to wear.

For two weeks we have been protesting across the country, with more people than ever before: We are not only rebelling against the Islamic Republic at the universities, but across all social classes, women, men and queers, Iranians, Kurds, Baloch support these protests. Many people have already died, murdered by the Islamic Republic, or have been arrested and disappeared into the torture prisons.

On Sunday evening, October 2, Iranian security forces stormed Sharif University in Tehran. They brutally shot students and teachers and locked them in for hours. Many were arrested and taken away in minibuses.

We are desperate and therefore address you now: We need your help! Please don't look away. Help us fight for a democratic Iran. Please go to demonstrations and protests that support our feminist movement. Organize rallies at your universities. The universities are an important symbol of the protest in Iran, which is why it is so important that the universities position themselves abroad.
Write to your MPs and demand that they actually implement their promises of feminist foreign policy. Write to the media of your country that you want them to tell you what's going on in Iran.
Be loud with us, you can become loud without fearing for your life. For a free, democratic country Iran. Women, Life, Freedom. Jin, Jiyan, Azadî.