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09 2022

Gerald Raunig: Dissemblage / Ungefüge - book and audio

Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution

Gerald Raunig

Following Dividuum (2015), transversal texts and Minor Compositions present the second volume of “Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution”: Dissemblage unfolds a wild abundance of unruly material, from the multilingual translation machines of Al-Andalus to the queer mysticism of the High Middle Ages, from the minor voices of the falsetto in 20th century jazz and soul to today’s disjointures and subjunctures against the smooth city in machinic capitalism. In this volume, Gerald Raunig produces a conceptual ecology of joining and jointing, but also shifts the patterns of writing theory. Semi-fictional interweaves with meticulously researched historical sources, mystical writings with letters from friends, philosophical fragments with poetic ritornellos. More than just a narrative about dissemblages from social surrounds, thing-worlds, and ghost-worlds, the book itself is a dividual multiplicity in form and content.

The book is both available  
in print, from Minor Compositions and
as free pdf:
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Deutsche Version:

Ungefüge, 4.3

As a text and sound dissemblage, Ungefüge, 4.3 continues Gerald Raunig’s experiments in theoretical form. In an intensive collaboration with Alexander Tuchaček and with the voices of Isabell Lorey and Stevphen Shukaitis, disjointures and subjunctures form and fall apart. “Out of joint, in the joints, lurking for the joints. Then the wind comes in, and with it the windy, Wendy, Windish kin”.

Text/Dissemblation: Gerald Raunig
Sound: Alexander Tuchaček
Voices: Isabell Lorey (de), Stevphen Shukaitis (en)
In cooperation with Neuer Berliner Kunstverein

Deutsche Version: